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THE KING OF MARKSMEN – coming soon

A young German marksman breaks the laws of his city and ventures into the magical Bohemian Forest. In the gloomy depths of the Forest his hunting skills are put to the test, but he soon discovers that it is easier to destroy wild beasts than fight the dark temptations that overtake his heart.


An adventure thriller about a young British zoologist and hunter who unravels the secrets of Sussex woods. Published in October 2018 by Wydawnictwo Psychoskok www.psychoskok.pl
Paperback: 600 pages. Audiobook: 25 hours. Language: Polish

More info at:  www.pl.martamerriday.com




About Marta

Marta Merriday is an author of fiction, currently based in Canberra, ACT. Originally from Poland, she lived in the UK and Germany for a number of years before moving to Australia. She holds a Master’s in Urban Planning from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, and a Master’s in Economics from Cracow University of Economics. Her novels are inspired by the places she has visited and lived in. She writes in English and Polish.

When not writing about the lives of made-up people, Marta enjoys her own life. She likes the outdoors and when she’s not running or hiking, she can be found shooting at a local range.